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At Sunscape Integrated Services, we take immense pride in offering top-notch irrigation solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Our comprehensive range of services includes irrigation system installation and meticulous maintenance, ensuring that your landscapes remain lush, healthy, and vibrant throughout the year.

At Sunscape, we provide customised irrigation systems suited to your landscape, whether it is a garden or outdoor space. Before designing an irrigation system, we take into consideration plant types, soil conditions, and water source availability. Some of the irrigation systems we offer include drip irrigation, sprinkler systems, and soaker hoses, best suited for different areas within your landscape. 

Keeping water conservation in mind, our customised irrigation designs minimise runoff and waste via smart controllers and employ efficient irrigation practises. We are fully committed to responsible water management and environmentally conscious irrigation products.

Our team of technicians conduct routine system inspections to identify any leaks, clogs, or other issues that may rise, ensuring that your irrigation system runs smoothly and functions at peak efficiency. In the event of an irrigation system failure or damage, we provide quick and efficient repair services, minimising downtime and water wastage. 

In case of any unexpected issues or emergencies, don’t hesitate to contact our team as they are available around the clock to address any concerns.

Our comprehensive maintenance packages are customised to suit the specific needs of your landscape, ensuring that your irrigation system operates at peak efficiency throughout the year.

Irrigation System Installation

At Sunscape Integrated Services, our team specialises in carefully installing irrigation systems best suited to the needs of your landscape, whether it is a self-watering system or an automatic plant watering system. Further, we prioritise efficient irrigation solutions that maximise water conservation while maintaining optimal plant health. From initial planning to a smooth installation process, we are fully dedicated to providing sustainable irrigation solutions that keep your garden lush and healthy all year round.

Irrigation System Maintenance

It’s essential to keep your irrigation system in peak condition to ensure that your landscape remains lush and healthy. Sunscape’s range of comprehensive maintenance services includes everything from regular inspections and adjustments to urgent repairs and upgrades. With our team’s attention to detail and commitment to efficiency, you can rest assured that your irrigation system operates flawlessly, whilst conserving water and sustaining the lushness and greenery of your garden or outdoor space.

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What is an irrigation system?

An irrigation system is a commonly used method of delivering water to plants, shrubs and trees in a systematic manner to ensure their growth and health. An irrigation system can vary from a simple manual type such as watering cans or hoses, to more complex types such as a self-watering system or an automatic plant watering system, which regulate water delivery based on the specific needs of the plants.

What are the benefits of installing an irrigation system?

There are various benefits of installing an irrigation system for your garden, such as: 

  • Efficiency: Reduces wastage of water by providing water directly to the roots of the plant 
  • Consistency: Ensures that plants receive just the right amount of water at regular intervals 
  • Convenience: Saves plenty of time and effort when compared to manual irrigation systems such as watering cans or hoses 
  • Flexibility: An irrigation system can be customised to suit the needs of different plants and garden layouts
What are some factors to consider when choosing an irrigation system?

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing an appropriate irrigation system for your garden and this depends on: 

  • Type of Plants: Not all plants are alike, hence each plant has a different water requirement 
  • Soil Type: Soil absorption rates need to be considered 
  • Climate: Singapore’s humid weather needs to be factored in, and an irrigation system has to be suited to this 
  • Water Source: Reliability of water source can vastly influence the choice of irrigation system 
  • Garden Size: A small garden may require a simple irrigation system that sees to the needs of all its plants while a larger garden may require a more complicated system 
What is a self-watering system?

A self-watering system is a specific type of irrigation system which has been designed to provide a consistent supply of water to plants, shrubs or trees without the need for manual watering. This system features a water tank that directly supplies water to plant roots, ensuring that they receive an adequate amount of water.

What are the benefits of a self-watering system?

The most prominent benefits of installing a self-watering system for your garden are: 

  • No Water Wastage: There is little to no water waste as this system directly delivers water to plant roots 
  • Convenience: This irrigation system is best suited for those with hectic schedules and no time for manual watering
  • Optimal Soil Moisture: With a self-watering system, you can rest assured that soil moisture levels are well maintained
What are some limitations of a self-watering system?

Certain drawbacks of a self-watering system can include: 

  • Not Suitable for All Plants: This irrigation system can be unsuitable for plant types which thrive best in drier soil 
  • Prone to Insects: If the water tank in a self-watering system is exposed, then mosquitoes can lay eggs and it can form a breeding ground
  • Stagnant Water: If the water in the tank is not frequently changed, it can become stagnant, leading to the growth of algae and buildup of limescale deposits
What is an automatic plant watering system?

An automatic plant watering system is a much more sophisticated irrigation system that employs timers, sensors, and automated controls to provide water to plants at set times or in response to soil moisture levels. These systems can be designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

What are the different types of automatic plant watering systems?

Some automatic plant watering system types include: 

  • Drip Irrigation Systems: This provides water directly to the plant roots through a network of tubes and emitters 
  • Sprinkler Systems: This automatic plant watering system sprays water directly over a larger area and is meant to mimic rainfall
  • Capillary Mats: This method employs capillary action to draw water from a tank to plant pots which have been placed on the mat
How do I choose the right automatic plant watering system?

Choosing the right type of automatic plant watering system can seem daunting, but it depends on various factors such as specific plant needs, garden size, budget, installation and maintenance, and available water source. Schedule a consultation with our team to help you decide which automatic plant watering system works best for your garden or outdoor space.

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