Green Wall

At Sunscape Integrated Services, we’re delighted to introduce our innovative Green Wall System services, a cutting-edge approach to landscaping that combines aesthetics, sustainability, and functionality. Whether you’re looking to transform your commercial space or enhance the appeal of your home.

Our Green Wall System turns mundane walls into captivating living masterpieces, instantly drawing attention and delight with a diverse selection of plant varieties, textures, and colours tailored to your distinct style and preferences.

It maximises space efficiency and are perfect for urban environments. They are compact gardens, balconies, and indoor spaces, offering verdant beauty without encroaching on valuable floor space, an ideal solution for crowded areas.


Vertical gardens play a dual role in improving air quality by purifying indoor and outdoor environments, removing pollutants and emitting oxygen while aiding thermal insulation, reducing energy consumption by cooling buildings during summer and providing insulation in winter.

Designed with sustainability as a priority, our green wall systems incorporate efficient water and nutrient delivery mechanisms, fostering biodiversity while employing eco-friendly practices and materials to provide a green, environmentally conscious solution.

Exposure to greenery has been scientifically proven to enhance mental health by reducing stress and promoting relaxation and well-being, with vertical gardens serving as natural sanctuaries in urban environments for employees, customers, or residents to enjoy.

Our skilled technicians install an automated irrigation and monitoring system to guarantee your vertical garden receives precise water and nutrients. At the same time, our ongoing maintenance services ensure its health and vitality, encompassing pruning, pest management, and plant replacement as necessary.

Each project is tailored to your needs, collaborating closely to craft a customised vertical garden that fits your space, design tastes, and financial considerations, whether a modest accent wall or an expansive installation, ensuring your vision is realised.

Our Vertical Green Wall System suits various settings, including offices, hotels, restaurants, homes, retail spaces, and public areas.

Green Wall Design

Embark on elevating your space with our personalised green wall design consultation services. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to understand your vision, space requirements, and aesthetic preferences. Through careful planning and innovative design, we create bespoke Green Wall Systems that serve as captivating focal points while enhancing your environment’s air quality and ambience. Let us bring your green wall dreams to life and transform your space into a vibrant oasis that inspires and invigorates.

Green Wall Installation and Maintenance

Entrust the installation and maintenance of your Green Wall System to our dedicated team of experts. From meticulous installation to ongoing care and maintenance, we ensure that your green wall remains a flourishing testament to nature’s beauty. Our comprehensive services cover everything from irrigation system setup to plant selection and periodic pruning, guaranteeing that your green wall continues to thrive and enchant for years. Experience the joy of a living masterpiece with our professional green wall installation and maintenance services.

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