Corporate Plant Rental

At Sunscape Integrated Services, we specialise in providing premium indoor plant rental and office plant rental services which have been specifically designed to elevate the appearance and ambience of your workplace. By enhancing the well-being of your employees and clients, our carefully curated selection of plants, combined with expert care and maintenance by our team, ensures your office space looks beautiful and inviting at any time!

Why Choose Sunscape Plant Rental Services?

At Sunscape, we offer a wide range of indoor plants which cater to different preferences and spaces, through our indoor plant rental and office plant rental services. Our team collaborates with clients to carefully curate selections that best suit their corporate style, lighting, and space. 

Our team of skilled technicians oversees the entire installation, working their way through the office space by strategically positioning each plant for visual appeal and functionality, while providing stylish, environmentally friendly containers that blend with your interior design. Further, we provide plant rotations from time to time to give your workspace a new look, keeping its aesthetics fresh and inviting.

Our comprehensive range of plant care packages for office plant rental and maintenance includes regular watering, fertilisation, pruning, and dusting to maintain the health of your plants. Additionally, we implement pest and disease management measures to safeguard your plant investment and ensure a pest-free environment not just for the plants, but also for your employees.

Research indicates that indoor plants improve air quality, manage stress, foster creativity, and encourage workplace productivity, thus paving the way forward for creating an office atmosphere that boosts employee morale and nurtures a positive company culture. Through our indoor plant rental and office plant rental services, Sunscape is dedicated to environmentally friendly principles, prioritising sustainable plant sourcing and using natural, non-toxic care products. We also advocate for responsible water management and energy-efficient practices in plant maintenance.

Sunscape Integrated Services offers flexible plans for office plant rental and indoor plant rental to accommodate different budgets and office spaces.

Office Plant Rental

Consider transforming your corporate space from dull and drab to stunning and inviting with our personalised office plant rental consultation services. The team at Sunscape collaborates closely with you to get an understanding of your workspace operations and design preferences. Through meticulous planning and selection, we select a variety of indoor plants that not only transform the aesthetic appeal of your office, but also elevate air quality and improve employee well-being.

Office Plant Rental and Maintenance

Sustain the beauty and vitality of your office plants with our comprehensive office plant rental and maintenance services. Our dedicated team ensures that your indoor plants remain healthy and thriving through regular watering, pruning, soil fertilisation, and pest control. With our eye for detail and a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, you can enjoy having lush greenery in your office space without the stress and hassle of maintenance. Allow us to take care of your indoor plants through our office plant rental services, so you are free to focus on what matters most – cultivating a positive and healthy work environment.

Some of our corporate plant rentals


What is a corporate plant rental?

A corporate plant rental is a service that typically provides corporate spaces with indoor plants on a rental basis. This service usually includes installation and routine maintenance.

What are the benefits of corporate plant rental?

The benefits of enlisting corporate plant rental services usually include improved air quality, enhanced office aesthetics, and increased employee productivity and well-being.

What types of plants are typically offered for rent?

Usually, common options for office plant rental include low-maintenance indoor plants such as monsteras, spider plants, snake plants, pothos, aloe vera, peace lilies, and succulents.

Do you offer plant rental services specifically for office spaces?

Yes, Sunscape Integrated Services offers plant rental services that are specifically tailored for office spaces, providing suitable indoor plants and routine maintenance to improve the work environment.

What services are included in a typical office plant rental agreement?

An office plant rental agreement typically includes plant installation, routine maintenance, watering, pruning, fertilising, pest control, and replacement of any unhealthy plants.

How much does an office plant rental cost?

This can vary depending on the number and type of indoor plants chosen, as well as the level of maintenance that is required. Our team would be happy to have a consultation with you to discuss the plant needs of your corporate space before providing an estimate of the cost.

Do I need to have good natural light in my office for indoor plant rental?

No, this is not necessarily a prerequisite for indoor plant rental. Low-maintenance indoor plants can generally thrive in low light conditions.

Can I just rent the plants and handle the maintenance myself?

While some plant companies may offer a rental-only option, it is advisable to enlist office plant rental and maintenance services which handle everything from plant installation to watering and pest control to ensure plant health and longevity.

What happens if a plant gets damaged or dies?

If a plant gets damaged or dies, we will usually replace it at no additional cost, as part of the maintenance agreement.

Do you offer contracts or month-to-month indoor plant rental options?

Sunscape offers both options, allowing for flexibility to meet the plant rental needs of different workspaces.

Can I customise the plant selection?

Yes, of course! Our team will assist you with customising the plant selection to match your office decor and preferences.

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